Our capitalist society isn’t working. It’s built on imperialism which uses war, occupation, and regime change to secure exploitative relationships with poor countries around the world, ensuring that they stay poor permanently. Our government is an undemocratic system that forces us to choose between two parties that both represent the interests of the capitalist class, rather than our interests. Our unelected judicial system acts as a de-facto legislative body that’s accountable to no one. In our day-to-day lives, we are exploited through things like high food prices, poor access to health care, coercive relationships at work, and a housing system that needlessly makes securing a place to live a lifelong struggle.

These problems are caused by capitalism, and the solution is socialism. Socialism is a movement that seeks democratic control of both politics and the economy. The large majority of the people are working class, which means we’re the ones who actually make society run, and yet the much smaller, parasitic capitalist class controls society instead. Socialism seeks to use our majority status to secure a democratic society that works in our interests. DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) is the largest socialist organization in the U.S. We’re run and funded by our members, and we make decisions through robust internal democracy.

Socialists fight all forms of oppression, not solely oppression based on economic class. We fight racism which allows increased economic exploitation of Black, Brown and Indigenous people and also subjects them to unique, qualitative dangers like police violence. We fight patriarchy which keeps cis men in control of society and subjects everyone else to various forms of exploitation and control, often targeting their bodily autonomy, such as restrictions on abortion or healthcare for trans people. We stand in solidarity with oppressed and working-class people around the world. Join DSA and fight alongside us!

DSA is member-funded. Unlike most organizations, we’re not subject to the influence of capitalist donors. In order to guarantee that independence, members pay dues, although we do have a dues waiver available if you need it.

Non-members are still welcome to attend meetings, so if you’re not sure about joining, feel free to check our calendar and come to the next general meeting!

You can also contact us with any questions.