Are you Socialist-curious? That’s great! As capitalism enters into yet another one of it’s signature crises, with morbid symptoms abound, the old S word has appeared again on the stage of history. DSA is committed to promoting political education resources that go beyond the sensationalist politics of spectacle, to encouraging people to develop a deeper understanding of politics, organizing strategy, and the historical moment we are living through. Below is only a tiny fraction of the socialist media out there – chosen for accessibility to the socialist-curious who are looking for a place to start.

Introductory Socialist Reading
The ABC’s of Socialism is an great place to begin for brief, introductory reading about socialism. It is available as both a free PDF and a pamphlet.
Equally accessible but more in depth is the ABC’s of Capitalism. Both of these series were designed specifically to teach the core concepts of socialism and critique of capitalism in easy to understand language.

Socialist Media & News
Jacobin Magazine
Current Affairs
Viewpoint Magazine
Monthly Review
In These Times
Labor Notes
Dissent Magazine
Means TV

Socialist Podcasts
Jacobin Radio
Economic Update
This Is Hell
Working People
Anti-capitalist Chronicles