Eviction Response & Defense: Eviction not only strips individuals of their homes but undermines the very fabric of our communities. Our eviction response ensures that those facing such a crisis are not left alone. We distribute informative fliers, guiding those at risk through vital resources, and connecting them with nonprofit lawyers who will defend their eviction for free. As we move forward, we aim to transform our eviction response into community eviction defense. Inspired by the work of Brooklyn Eviction Defense, we are looking to develop specific roles and direct action strategies (like eviction blockades and court support) to combat the violent process of evictions in our community.

Tenant Unions & Political Education: As rents rise at an unprecedented rate and recent legislation strips away hard-won rights that tenants across counties and cities have fought for, the need for tenant unions are more important than ever. By visiting eviction-prone areas and engaging in one-on-one conversations, we want to mobilize working class tenants to collective action.

Whether you’re interested in organizing within your own building, or standing in solidarity with others, we need a movement that confronts not just the slumlords who neglect our living conditions, but also the developers who prioritize profit over people. Part 1 & 2 of “How to Build a Tenant Union” from East Bay DSA & SHOP (Socialist Housing Organizer Project) are a great way to expand our knowledge and understanding of tenant unions.

Mapping Landlord Properties: In Palm Beach County, many landlords shield their extensive property holdings by using multiple LLCs, making it hard for the average person to see the bigger picture. We believe in transparency and accountability. So we will learn how to offer renters, organizers, legal advocates, journalists, and others a window into South Florida’s landlords’ hidden network of properties in an effort to build tenant power. By exposing landlord networks, we can investigate connections between the powerful forces that shape the housing market in South Florida.